Love Never Fails

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There is something extraordinary about Jahméne Douglas. It's not just his soul skimming voice that reaches from the very core of him to cause tingles in your heart. The beautiful voice comes from a beautiful soul.

When he first hit The X Factor screens in 2012 there was a quietness about him but the former Asda shelf stacker was not so much shy as quietly strong. As he explains "I know I seem shy, but singing was my therapy, my outlet, my release. It was how I could be just me. It's a way of zoning out and making you strong. The singing became my sanctuary when I was growing up"

His chart topping, debut album Love Never Fails is a collection of songs that he has flavoured with his own soul and has guest appearances from his incredible X-Factor mentor Nicole Scherzinger and the legendary Stevie Wonder.

Inspire yourself

Live to dream, dream to live. Love to live the dream of life.

Time flies.
Waste it wisely.

Live Life, Experiment, Grow, Learn, But Do it all with love & Positivity for those around you.

The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.

BLESSED. If you don't realise you're blessed ... You're obviously not focusing on the right things.

Where does your effort lie? Holding onto memories Or creating new ones?

When times seem bad
walk by faith and not by sight.

Haters need love too. So they know how to act. Lead by example.

Time flies...
Let us make the most of it.

Jahméne's Poetry Book

Women's Aid

"When you stand on the right mountains you can see the beauty of life. I want to front Women's Aid and help to make it a mountain of strength, a sanctuary for those who need it and I'm proud to be part of its foundations" See the website


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